Blackbirds build 10 nests in Cumbria

A single pair of blackbirds builds ten nests along ladder in Cumbria

Up and down the country birds have been racing to find a mate and get on the property ladder ahead of the breeding season

And as a couple found in their back garden, one busy pair of blackbirds have taken it a step further with a real-life game of ‘birds and ladders’.

They say practice makes perfect but one pair of hard-working blackbirds took it to a new level by building 10 nests side by side giving themselves plenty of options.

“I looked out my window one morning it was a busy pair of blackbird that caught my eye.

Over a number of days they were furiously building something and it wasn’t until we started our garden spring clean that the true extent of their efforts was revealed.”

This unusual behaviour comes as blackbirds, along with a few other species, fail to cope with the problem caused by the ladder, which forms identical holes, each one equally suitable for nesting.

They are unable to choose between one hole and another, so in a state of confusion, will start to build nests in each.  Along with blackbirds, this behaviour has also been spotted in other garden favourites such as…..

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