Many farmers go unrewarded in delivering ‘public goods’

Significant improvements are being made in the way England’s farmland is being managed to benefit the environment

However, a new survey by the Campaign for the Farmed Environment (CFE) shows that many farmers are unrewarded for improving and advancing “public goods”

The findings reveal how much work is currently undertaken without any payment from the current stewardship schemes.

The farmers surveyed help to protect water quality, soil health and farm wildlife. Some 90% of respondents had improved their soil management, 81% had increased their efficiency in using pesticide and fertilisers, and 73% had adopted nutrient management planning.

For every farmer receiving an agri-environment payment for sowing a pollen and nectar mix, another farmer is doing the same voluntarily.

About twice as many arable farmers are providing supplementary feeding for birds and about four times as many are sowing catch and cover crops at their own expense outside any scheme.

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via SongBird Survival | Blog | Many farmers go unrewarded in delivering ‘public goods’


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