Nest boxes of NNBW

Today we received an email from one of our members

Dear SBS

I thought you’d like to see this photo…..

David Brown Nestboxes

The wood cost less than £20 and the only other thing I had to buy was some chainsaw-friendly aluminium nails for £2.15. All the other bits and pieces I had to hand such as nails and screws. Some of the boxes are hinged with old tyre inner tube which is now on its third life having spent the last few years cut into strips and used to support some newly planted Scots Pines.

I’m lucky that I have an air-stapler in the shed but they didn’t take too long to make….hopefully it shows what can be achieved with very little £ outlay.

A bit rough and ready I know but if any of the tenants complain I’ll address that in due course!!!!!

They are all now up in position and I’m really looking forward to seeing them occupied.

Kind Regards

David Brown


We’d love to see more of your fantastic bird boxes, feeders, birds in your garden – or simply ideas and tips we can share.  Send yours to:

via SongBird Survival | Blog | Nest boxes for NNBW


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